16 July 2010

Autumn of our discontent - already?

Don't ever buy a calendar from a squirrel. They're convinced autumn is already here. Never mind that neither leaves nor acorns are dropping yet from the trees: Baby squirrels are.

This little newborn was received by, and photographed by Barbara, a rehabilitator friend of mine. The orphan is what's known as a "fall baby," not because the baby fell (though that is likely), but because the orphan's arrival on the planet at this moment in time signals the birth of the season of football, back-to-school, corduroy, marble-cover notebooks and harvest time - all right smack in the middle of the current 90+-degree heatwave here in the northeast.

If squirrels had their way, they would produce a calendar that would take us squarely from June to September, skipping the entire summer. Not that I mind, I'm a fan of cooler weather. But, much as I resent department stores' presumptuousness in hanging garland and playing Christmas carols in October, or weeks earlier, I am bothered by squirrels rushing the season. What's the hurry?

To every thing there is a season - and that includes squirrel baby season, I suppose. Squirrel baby season #1, and squirrel baby season #2. Lately they seem to blend together like one big mess.

But things could definitely be worse. Imagine if squirrels made timepieces as well as calendars. We'd be faced with an even more unfortunate prospect. People would be saying, "there's a squirrel born every minute," and the wildlife rehabilitators would be the real suckers.


Anonymous said...

So is this baby a rescue? Does it have a chance to survive? Dallas

squirrelmama said...

Seems so fragile, doesn't she, Dallas? They are tough ones to raise, these neonates, and only a few rehabbers have the right touch. This one could definitely make it if all the conditions are right and there's no trauma. She's in the hands of a rehabber who is VERY experienced with the 1- and 2-week old newborns. I'll keep tabs on this baby and will try to report back.

Anonymous said...

do we have an update on this baby? Dallas

squirrelmama said...

I am awaiting a detailed response from her - I also would love to know the baby's current weight and maybe, just maybe, there'll be a photo....:-)
Watch this space for developments as they happen.

squirrelmama said...

Dallas, the little neonate is no longer as little as in the original photo - and my friend has promised to send new pics tomorrow. He has filled out, is growing bigger and stronger, and has gained siblings. What a miracle these little creatures are.

I'll keep you in the loop on this.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!! I love these small victories as we struggle with climate change (and gutless politicians), horrible devastation in the gulf (thank you, BP)and other Calamities of Our Times. I work with the feral cat program at SMU, and we are in the midst of moving a colony out of harm's way at the Bush Library site. We have had so much help and cooperation from all parties involved.