05 October 2010

In tennis, no love lost for squirrels

Stop blaming the squirrels. Please, sports fans, stop blaming the squirrels.

In this case, it was one Georgia squirrel - one whose unfortunate proximity to a mountain biking Robby Ginepri caused him to wipe out a few days ago and break an ulna. It appears that the tennis star will now be sidelined for several weeks and no, he can't even remotely claim it's the result of an on-court accident.

Squirrels don't play singles tennis, and they surely couldn't be roped into playing doubles either. In fact, Ginepri is surely convinced by now that the small creatures can hardly be classified as team players at all. Squirrels play their own game, and proudly so.

This little squirrel, thanks to Ginepri's selflessness which saved him from a fatal collision, is still in the game.

And fortunately, Ginepri himself expects to be back in action in time for January's competition, to prepare for the Australian Open. But, in our eyes, Ginepri has already won big where it counts.