20 December 2007

Watching, from a distance

Many of us fall in love with squirrels, watching them from a moderate distance. We toss nuts, or other treats, stand back - sometimes with camera in hand - and observe their antics.

Here is a link to a little squirrel I've been watching from a bit of a longer distance.

Tiny Scoiattolo

This is a little squirrel in Pennsylvania who first captured the lens, then the heart, of a photographer friend there. He has dedicated this page to her - and the small community of squirrels she hangs around with. "Scoiattolo" is the Italian word for squirrel, and her name is something of a tribute to the original Scoiattolo, a female squirrel who quite unexpectedly befriended me in 1995, long before I knew anything more about squirrels, other than the fact that they were rodents.

I watch Tiny Scoiattolo now from a distance too far to toss nuts.

But I send her my prayers and best wishes - for safety, and for a good long life.


http://mybackyard.blogsome.com/category/animals-especially-squirrels-and-birds/squirrels-especially- said...

Darn, your link to squirrel pics didn't work.

squirrelmama said...

I have repaired the link, please do come back and visit - and see Tiny Scoiattolo's page in all its glory! Sorry for the glitch.

my backyard said...

Thanks for fixing the link.

She is a cutie pie!

chet said...

It's amazing how a relationship develops. Knowing Tiny began easily enough, but as time passed, the relationship has become deeper. A thoroughly wild squirrel, she is still cautious around me or any other human, but she's learned that her appearance brings extra treats and responds to her name.
Tiny is a wonderful friend!