17 December 2007

For squirrels, an election year!

One of the latest polls in Great Britain, conducted by a popular wildlife artist, shows that the red squirrel unquestionably weighs in as a national favorite. This report in the British press is one of many that bears the happy findings.

Imagine that! All of this done without a caustic national televised debate between prominent squirrels drawn from the Red and Grey factions, without anyone breaking the bank to hire an expensive Rodent Spin Doctor, without a smear campaign alleging that one squirrel stole nuts and betrayed the public trust, and without the bother and trouble of grassroots squirrel groups attempting to buy broadcast commercials advocating for their particular species.

American (and perhaps British) politics could learn something from this. There is honor (and honour) in just dealing in basic truths.

Hmmm, perhaps a Red Squirrel should be running for Prime Minister - or drop a hat (or a set of fluffy ear tufts) into the ring for the U.S. Presidency?


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Ummmm, did you know that the British are shooting grey squirrels cause they are labelled as aggressive invaders (kind of reminds me of their reaction to Yanks in WWII)who are outcompeting their native red squirrels. I think grey squirrels really do need an ad agency behind them.

squirrelmama said...

Sadly, you are correct, Lone Grey Squirrel. I believe I'll explore this shortly in another post. I know the preservation efforts in the UK are formidable indeed - and with good reason, the two species do not coexist well.