10 December 2007

Thriving: Miss Daisy

Things are not perfect with Miss Daisy (f/k/a "the Driveway Squirrel" of October) but she is ambulatory, feisty, eating well and acting like a squirrel.

She also has ringworm - or so thinks the vet, who she went to see on Friday for a closer evaluation of the small (but ever-growing) lesion visible here on her left front leg. There's also a smaller one above the left eye. Daisy also has some ectoparasites that are complicating her life, so we're dusting her with a powder twice a week and giving Sporanox once daily.

Yes, she is cooperating. She protests vocally of course but definitely submits to the care which is hopefully also the cure.

I'm impressed with her spirit.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Always good to meet another squirrel enthusiast. You certainly have much more knowledge and experience about squirrels than I. I was just looking out for a bunch of talented moochers. You have an interesting blog. I would like to put a link to your site from mine. Would that be ok?

squirrelmama said...

By all means - and thanks for stopping by (come back soon). I'd like to return the favor by directing my readers to visit your very excellent blog, which I've had occasion to read many times in the last few months!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading about Miss Daisy. I hope she does well! I, too, am in the process of rehab with a squirrel who seems to be doing quite well - except i have recently noticed a small hairless area on his face. I'm concerned it may be ringworm. What did the vet prescribe for Miss Daisy's ringworm? Was it the powder or the Sporanex? Best wishes!

squirrelmama said...

The powder was for the fleas. The Sporanex is an anti-fungal designed to directly address the ringworm. The results from the ringworm test aren't in, and her diagnosis isn't conclusive, but he figured let's treat meanwhile on an "as if" basis, since he's pretty sure this is what it is. Before you proceed with any treatment for the hairless area, should really get a vet to look at it, if possible. I had mistakenly concluded she'd scratched herself or gotten caught on the cage, until the vet offered his ringworm theory.
Good luck with him and please, would you post back here and let us know how he is doing?