22 February 2016

The end

And so, it is done.

Euthanasia does not empower us to act as God but exhorts us to listen, simply as equals here on Earth, and to do the other's bidding with compassion and heart.

We take up this task, but it is not easy. And perhaps it is not so much a task but a trust.

Ultimately, it is not even a choice.

The wildlife rehabilitator's role is to facilitate healing. So often we fall short. We are, in the end, creatures helping fellow creatures - and nothing more. Nature is bigger and grander. Nature is more dispassionate.

The animals in our care do not judge us. We are no more, and are no less, in their eyes, regardless of outcome. What matters is that we tried. They know that. Because our struggle is theirs.

And so, it is done. Not by salve or potion or healing touch, but it is done. His burden is lifted now.

I do not subscribe to the vision of Rainbow Bridge, but I do believe in the spirit. And in those moments as it left behind the body neither of us could restore, his spirit surely grew lighter.


Ben George said...

You have given Barney the greatest of all gifts in ending his suffering

Chet said...

No matter how sad, expressed in love that will, in spirit, live on.

island rehabber said...

Caryn, he knew that you were his savior and his loving, guarding mother. He was a tiny prey animal whose life would have been over the day he fell from that nest, had you not been there. You gave him back his life, for seven beautiful years. He thrived because of you, and you did everything right. Including this, at the end.