06 January 2009

Ice is nice

Cupid isn't shooting arrows this year - it's icicles that the little urchin has poised in his bow. But his marksmanship remains uncompromised.

By July of this year, the gossip mills will be churning over Hollywood's most wonderful prehistoric romance - Scrat, the dinosaur-era squirrel who starred in the first two "Ice Age" movies finds true love (or at least pursues it with the same passion accorded his acorns). The animated action movie, "Dawn of the Dinosaurs," will shoot out of the studios with firecracker abandon, just in time for Independence Day, July 4.

Given the company he has been keeping in the previous flicks, from the full-bodied brontosaurus to the tree-top-tall T-rex, this forebear of today's rodents deserves a bit of smooching too, don't you think? Squirrel Does Not Live By Walnuts Alone.

I can't wait to see the fireworks.


Poetikat said...

We own both of the ICE AGE flicks and I love Scrat! His counterparts are plentiful in my neck-o-the-woods - especially in the form of the sciurus carolinensis and vulgaris.
They frequently call to mind that quirky pop-eyed hybrid of squirrel and rat who entertains with his nut-obsession. He's a bit like Wile E. Coyote in habit and appearance too, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

Hey, have you guys seen the New York Times today? You probably know all about this, but it's new to some of us across the pond.

Dallas squirrel lover

squirrelmama said...

Hello in Dallas! Yes my post of May 20, 2008 dealt with this awful solution which, sorry to say, has been going on for quite some time. Give it a read and you will probably find a little more history of it there. Likely we will revisit this issue soon in the blog. Thanks for pointing us toward the story...unfortunate though it is.