31 January 2008

Scream for the squirrels!

Once again, the Super Bowl features an ad that focuses on squirrels. Fans will remember previous campaigns, including the famous "Running with the Squirrels," a high-tech company produced during a game a few years ago. Then there was the Trident chewing gum commercial in which a squirrel bit a dentist in a particularly, uh, sensitive nether-region spot.

This year, a Bridgestone tire commercial has decided to put Bushytails in the spotlight. Here is an excerpt from an article in Ad Age, the industry publication:

"The marketer's first Super Bowl commercial, which will air during the break between the first and second quarters, is dubbed "Scream" and shows how Bridgestone tires can keep a motorist from squishing a squirrel on the road. Shane Altman is the art director, and Mike Bales is the copywriter."

Not sure I like the idea of squirrels in peril on the road - and the magazine could have opted for a verb other than the slapstick "squish" in that description. I wasn't all that thrilled when I heard that a similarly imperiled squirrel appeared in the now-famous GEICO insurance commercial (in both instances the squirrel does survive, I happily note.)

But the suspense will be killing me, nonetheless.

And I do know this - while most folks will be screaming either for the Giant's Eli Manning or the Patriots' Tom Brady, I will find myself once again screaming for the squirrels.


Kathleen Mortensen said...

I'm with ya, squirrelmama! I'll be screaming too.
If you win the Valentine's contest, I will write you a squirrel sonnet.
Check out today's post - this poem is about another rodent - a skunk.

Damama T said...

FINALLY! Something worth watching that annoying thing for! Better yet, you tape it and put it on her for us lazies to see later. Hmmm. I like that plan! LOL!! Have a great weekend!

squirrelmama said...

Enjoy the commercial, Damama T! Best of all, the squirrel survives!

Anonymous said...

If you watched TV more you'd know squirrels have become big stars in the advertising arena ... who can resist them? The Post-It ads opened the door to fame for them. And yes, the commercials are the best part of the game!