20 January 2008

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day

It's the eve of Squirrel Appreciation Day, and there are many fine and appropriate ways to observe this holiday:

Have you hung up your stockings by the fireplace, ready to receive nuts at the stroke of midnight? Are you warming up your voice for the warbling of Squirrel Appreciation Carols? ("Deck the trees with lots of walnuts, qua-qua-qua-qua-qua.....qua-qua-qua-qua...
Tis the season we go all nuts.....qua-qua-qua-qua-qua.....qua-qua-qua-qua......
Don we now our Gray apparel.....")

Oops. Wrong holiday.
OK, maybe we're supposed to go hunting for multi-colored nuts that have been buried in the shrubs, singing "Here comes Peter Bushytail, Hopping Down the Squirrel Trail....."

Nope. Wrong again.

Shall we dress up, then, costumed as squirrels, knocking on people's doors asking for treats? Forget that. The squirrels already cornered that market, doing it 365 days a year, no holiday needed.

Should we set off fireworks? Fly our flags? Maybe hold a gigantic sale on bed linens, towels and other household items at all major department stores?

Here in the States, a lot of folks are already celebrating one federal holiday on Jan. 21, honoring slain civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. But yes, it is also Squirrel Appreciation Day, and it's OK to recognize both holidays - though I doubt I'll get a day off from work just to stay home and feed the squirrels if I publicly declare myself as one of the faithful.

So how shall we celebrate? Well if you already appreciate squirrels, keep up the good work and tell others about the value of these wonderful woodland architects. Adopt a squirrel at a local wildlife rehab center - or at the Best Friends Sanctuary, to which I've posted a link above.

And if you don't believe in squirrels (or Santa Claus, for that matter), try for today to keep an open mind- for the former, if not the latter, and while you're at it, keep an open bag of nuts handy, at least for today.

Hey, you never know when a pleasant encounter with a squirrel can change your life.


Crafty Green Poet said...

off to the Botanic Gardens with a bag of nuts then....

Kat Mortensen said...

Nuts, cheerios, crackers, pitas, raisin bread, black oil sunflower seeds and other goodies...Happy SAD!!!
Kat (Orson, Marlon and the gang say hello and thanks!)

squirrelmama said...

Crafty and Kathleen, it appears that squirrel appreciation handouts, such as yours, have given the most famously corpulent Orson Swells good company among tree-dwelling rodentia. Good going! A fat squirrel is a happy squirrel (at least while the winter months are with us)

Anonymous said...

Belated happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Damama T said...

No wonder the squirrels like you so much! YOU'RE A NUT! LOL!!

Ok, If you need a good laugh and want to read about my particular brand of squirrel rescue and a very interesting encounter, you really need to take 15 minutes and go check out The Squirrel's Tale.
It's a long story about an even longer day.

Hope to see you soon.

squirrelmama said...

I will indeed check out the Squirrel's Tale, particularly since I just took a peek at your blog and fell in love with the little squirrel you have at the top of the opening page.