29 January 2008

I got tagged for a Meme

A challenge to this squirrelmama
invoked a bit of high drama:
using poems, off-the-shelf,
reveal a bit of myself,
and personalize this world of blog-o-rama.

Now, as to those 10 (HERE I GO!)
it's stuff most of you really don't know.
I love peace (I'm no fighter)
and I work as a writer,
and last year rode in a little horse show.

When it comes to air travel, I'm contrarian.
I'm also a true vegetarian.
One of life's biggest perils
is my love of gray squirrels
(And I've never been Rastafarian.)

I don't have my own iPod nano,
as a child, though, I studied piano.
(I really love music
if I'm not the one who do's it.)
And I'm even a classical fan, oh!

You've probably got a wild hunch
that I drink coffee like a big sponge
OK yes, you are right
time now to say g'nite
If you've read this far, well, THANKS A BUNCH!


Anonymous said...

What a cool poem. Your ability to craft words amazes me.

Poetikat said...

Did you tell me you did this? I'm sorry I never read it before this. I have a mid-life brain to contend with (that's my excuse).
It's great! Hilarious!
You like classical music? Me too! I'm sort of a vegetarian - (no red meat)-- we have a few things in common--besides squirrels! Come and read my Friday Flashback poem - it's about food.