26 November 2007

She has a name, and a future

This is the last kind of report I expected to be able to write about the little creature who, until two days ago, was simply known as "the driveway squirrel." Almost exactly a month ago I found her flat-out and unconscious, at the base of my driveway, not sure where she came from, though I suspect it may have been a fall from a branch or power line above. She was unresponsive and she didn't seem to have much of a chance.

But Miss Daisy (a name this delicate but hardy creature seems to have inspired) is doing fine. Recovering her consciousness within the first week was the least of her battles, however. She proved to be spastic, and had little coordinated use of her limbs. And she developed a huge abscess on the side of her face which required a vet's lancing, with followup of repeat doses of antibiotics.

She was, believe it or not, a trouper. She permitted enough handling so that her wound could be cleaned daily by me, and her medicine given, as the vet prescribed. She was vocal but she was also cooperative. I think she knew we meant no harm.

The infection is gone. Better still, she is starting to climb on the sides of her low hutch, making me think she is coordinated enough to climb - and may well warrant a regular sized cage at some point. Miss Daisy has a good appetite, and a great prognosis, I think.

In the spring, when the leaves are back on the trees and she can count on leaf cover to protect her from predators, I think she can look forward to climbing back into her life.


Anonymous said...

Happy News! Thanks for the update!


squirrelgirl said...

What a lovely story! I will keep Miss Daisy in my prays and you as well for opening your heart and home as well as taking the time and expense to care for one of these sweet creatures. Best wishes to you both!

squirrelmama said...

Thanks to the both of you for your kind thoughts. She's amazing, courageous and feisty - a real challenge as well as an inspiration!