03 November 2007

A post from London


I found this lovely photo the other day on digg.com

Winter is getting closer with each day and everyone is putting on their winter coats - including the squirrels in the park near my home. It's also sunny, which is nice - but no sign of nutty sunglasses yet.


Scyther Maverick said...

I love squirrels, I think the closest encounter I have had with one was when I lived in Halls at Reading University (UK). It was about seven in the morning and I was in bed. It must have scales the sheer wall of my block and jumped in through my third story window. It jumped in and woke me up, looked at me from my table, scrabbled about a bit and ten jumped back out the window and was gone before I could get to the window to see it escape. Either the thing flew down or it was the most amazing wall climber I have ever encountered.

squirrelmama said...

Oh they are quite the climbers - believe it or not they not only can scale brick (which is rather easy for their ultra sharp claws) but I have seen a few of them climb seemingly smooth metal.

I love the fact that for the most parts, campus communities on both sides of the Pond (and likely elsewhere) are very squirrel-friendly. There are universities that have adopted certain campus squirrels as their mascots, and even one university I know of, a girls' school down South, has a team called The Fighting Squirrels (and yes, I did order a little cap for my head that bears the logo!)

Let's face it, squirrels are natural athletes, so why not name a sports team after them? (Obviously this would not go over big in the Major Money Pro Sports world, but what fun for students!)