19 November 2007

Born to be mild

There is something gentle and forgiving about baby animals.

As adults, dogs and squirrels are natural adversaries. As infants, puppies and baby squirrels keep the peace with one another, they are accepting and warm and life-sustaining, and give one another comfort.

These photos, posted here, first circulated more than a year ago when little Finnegan the baby squirrel was "adopted" into her litter by a nursing Papillon. The mother dog took in the little rescue who, presumably, eventually grew up and was released, hopefully with the knowledge that not all canines are as selfless and nurturing as his adoptive mom.

Looking at these photos again, however, I think to myself, "this is what unequivocal acceptance looks like."

It isn't forever but while it lasts, it's a priceless commodity - for all of us.

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