28 February 2011

The 2011 SQU'OSCARS? No contest!

Live from the Holly-studded Woods, the Academy of Bushytails has spoken. The stars have all walked the gray carpet and now....it is time to announce recipients of this year's SQU'OSCAR AWARDS.

Films like "The Social Nutwork," "The Black Squirrel," "The King's Chatter" and "True Grey" never had a chance in this field of contenders.

The envelope please:

Best Squirrel in a Nut-Burying Role: Mr. Tilty, for being able to crack, cache and even eat a few walnuts while handling neurological challenges.

Visual Effects: Residents of the nestbox in the maple on the west side of the property, for leaping, climbing and hanging upside down while emptying the suet feeder.

Best Supporting Branch: The sycamore tree on the east end of the property for holding up under strong wind conditions and also under a few fat-butt squirrels.

Music (original score): Doorknob Mama, the matriarch of the yard, for her unusually melodic mating calls.

Costume Design: All the locals, for managing to keep their coats intact and pest-free during a season that usually brings more than a few cases of mange.

And finally:

Squirrel of the Year: This will not be awarded. The walnut statuette has been gnawed beyond recognition. The judges are going back to their nests until next year in the hopes that competitors exhibit better manners in the future.


Anonymous said...

Once again, I have been passed over for this award. *sob* But I am sure I would have enjoyed watching the "Black Squirrel".

CallieK said...

Well it's a shame about the squirrel of the year award-I was hoping to nominate Stumpy for his remarkable performance as a tree climbing rabbit. When we first met, Stumpy's tail was hanging by a thread and subsequently fell off entirely. At first he was seen sporting a nub but lately it appears to have regrown some fur and he now resemble a black cottontail with short ears!

squirrelmama said...

@lgsquirrel, Don't cry. You know you will always be an award-winning star in our own woodland Walk of Fame!
@CallieK, Stumpy sounds like the perfect stunt-squirrel for the movies. I hope you are able to get lots of photos of him. We have enjoyed many of his "cottontail" cousins in our yard and they seem undaunted by their greatly diminished "costumes."