13 May 2008

Don't be so scaredy, squirrel

He's afraid of everything - strangers, the great outdoors, crossing streets, and especially germs. But there's one thing Scaredy Squirrel (from the book series of the same name) is not afraid of -- public speaking.
In fact, through his stories and adventures, the frightened little rodent speaks eloquently to a generation of children who have become enamored of the books that feature him as their petrified protagonist. (He even asks readers of his first book to please wash their hands before handling the pages - yes, he is THAT afraid of catching something!)
Somehow, in the end, things always work out for Scaredy Squirrel: He realizes the world is not so horrible as it seems, and the threats that are out there, imperiling his very life and breath, are not nearly as formidable as he originally thought.
These gentle, good-humored books are flying off the shelves (perhaps a tribute to Scaredy's status as a flying squirrel) and have been given honors from the publishing world.
Scaredy Squirrel clearly has no fear of success. Quite the contrary: He's enjoying it (as is his human creator) - and he deserves it.


SquirrelGurl said...

What an adorable little book!

Squirrels are just plain awesome!

LeaKarts said...

That book looks adorable--I have never heard of Scaredy Squirrel! I'll have to see if I can find them for my daughter.

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :)

Seaoreo said...

hi, just stopping by random blogs =]

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pondlife said...

I love the idea of a Squirrel Journal, especially as Squirrels have been in the UK news recently... did you know, and I have only the BBC to thank for this info; the Grey Squirrel was introduced into the UK from North America, and gradually they attacked and overran the Red Squirrel (native) population. The Reds now live mostly in the extremes of the Uk that's to say the coniferous forests of Scotland, Northern England and parts of Wales... BUT (big but) after many years near total wipeout, the Red is fighting back and there appears to be a mutant. A Black Squirrel, which in truth is really a rather deep red brown, with nice little tufts of the ears...

I have a sneaking feeling these may have slipped into England from France, because the description is uncannily like the Squirrels that live in these parts (French Alps).

I have a small video clip of a squirrel playing sent by a mad Irishman in London. If you'd like to see it...email me. I have no idea how to otherwise 'post' it... its good fun...think football/squirrels...

best wishes

mrinz said...

I must look out for the series. However they may not be available here in New Zealand.

Incidently we don't have squirrels here either. We must be one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have them, or related species.

DBlock said...

Really adorable!

I would love for you and everyone here to check out my new blog