25 April 2008

Squirrel has a blog, but no home

You read that right. A homeless squirrel. Anyplace he hangs his nuts is home. Only he doesn't have one.

Meet "Treeless Squirrel." Here's his blog: http://blog.treeless-squirrel.com/
He also has a video on http://www.youtube.com/ - and apparently, quite a following.

Made homeless by the cutting down of too many trees, this activist-vagrant has taken to the streets - and the blogosphere - with the gentle battlecry to PLANT MORE TREES. He devotes his blog to different varieties of trees - and handles the rodent real-estate crisis with grace and expertise that would be the envy of any human real-estate agent.

Humans may have Habitat for Humanity; rodentia has Habitat for Squirrelry, and he is its founder, an articulate, likeable, one-of-a-kind character you won't soon forget.

But then, that's the idea, isn't it?


~Banjo said...

Treeless Squirrel, I'll remember you in my prayers 2nyt. I hope u find a home soon!
~Hey Squirrelmama, yr doing a wonderful job looking after all yr lil ones.
On behalf on them I wanna say 'thankyou!' I love squirrels too. At least, i 've always thought so, but as I've never had the honor of meeting one & it's unlikely I ever shall. But I believe I'll meet yr precious ones in the next life,when I cross the rainbow bridge.

squirrelmama said...

Thanks for visiting, Banjo. Sound like you would be especially kind to the squirrels.

OmgSquee said...

Wow, what a brave way to spread a message. I don't think I would ever be able to sit out on the street for days just for the sake of making others aware of the environment.

Kudos to the treeless squirrel.

squirrelmama said...

I admire Treeless Squirrel too. Sometimes you have to take a stand like that - he takes his stand by sitting....and being vulnerable like that. Sure is impressive.