15 October 2007

Where the rodent meets the road

Normally the intersection of motor vehicle and squirrel doesn't spell anything pleasant for either.

Well, here's an exception. http://www.jeep.com/en/sessions/

That's the link to the new web site for the Jeep Liberty, and it features some clever and affectionate animated footage of a squirrel in the woods giving the SUV a bit of a test drive.

The squirrel also deems the model quite acornworthy, and proven in its ability to toting a true cargo load of this precious woodland commodity.

Now, there aren't many testimonials for cars offered up by squirrels (for obvious reasons) and the last such vehicle-vermin interaction for strictly commercial purposes was a televised spot on behalf of the insurance company, GEICO, featuring two squirrels joyfully high-fiving one another in the middle of a curvy road after having caused a rather conscientious motorist to crash his car in order to avoid one of the critters. (Not surprisingly, this wasn't one of my all-time favorites to hear about since its broadcast caused a lot of resentment, even a touch of vengenfulness, among other conscientious drivers. Squirrels do not experience glee in causing accidents, driver perceptions to the contrary)

Please give this web site a test drive, however, and download the MP4s and MP3s featuring the squirrel. It's all in good fun.

And by the way, the Jeep Liberty is not a bad looking car, either. Betcha this one model looks particularly good in squirrel gray.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I confess, I loved the Geico commercial, and figure you'd have to be pretty stupid to take revenge on a critter as a result.