02 September 2007

More squirrel chatter

I attended a lively, friendly brunch today, and squirrels were on the menu.

No, not part of the buffet of offerings in the conventional sense. Just in the conversational sense. No sooner had I finished my bagel and cream cheese and started on the first of too many cups of nice strong coffee than the inquisition started anew: "Why are squirrels so active this time of year?" (answer: mating, nut-burying, playing) "Do squirrels remember where they bury their nuts?" (answer: only for 20 minutes or so, then they find them largely based on scent) "How soon before squirrels can start having babies of their own?" (answer: depends what time of year they were both but usually it's by the end of the first year)

Autumn is very much the season of the squirrel. No wonder these questions are dropping from people's lips like acorns from the trees.

Nowhere else at any other time of the year is The Squirrel more apparent. Just as the winter season brings the visage of Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, or what-have-you-with-a-white-beard and 100 extra pounds or so, the fall brings the squirrel as the Seasonal Icon and with it, a barrage of questions that is just as seasonal and, happily, just as welcome for me.

Yesterday while shopping in Hallmark, to get cards and a free acorn candle that came as a promotional gift, I saw three small squirrel statuettes for sale, all with autumn themes. Now do I really need more squirrel statuettes? As things stand (and even as things sit) I have more statuettes than I have shelves to put them on. Still, could I resist this purchase, for a mere $7 or so per statuette?

You of course know the ending to this story. I will have to scout for storage - or rather, suitable display. Maybe buy some new shelving to accommodate them.

Perhaps there is shelving out there that has a nice stencil design in the shape of a squirrel.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Caryn, so, can you talk about squirrels and rabies, given the effort to guard against raccoons that's just begun?