05 September 2007

Stadium squirrel, part 2

The eastern gray squirrel who attended the Yankees ball game on Aug. 28 has come back.

The squirrel was sighted (and photographed) once again at another game the team hosted - this one, against Seattle, on Sept. 4 - and was perched at the very same spot, the right field foul pole. I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't a mother squirrel who has a nest of babies nearby, and she's taking a breather from nursing by taking in the game (and getting away from the kids).

On the other hand, these are night games and squirrels are typically daytime creatures. So maybe this is a male squirrel who is a Yankees fan living close to the objects of his adoration - but displaced from his home in the stands by the crazed crowd?

It's hard to say. But it's clear this squirrel is definitely gathering his own cheering section, a breed quite apart from the fans who come, bearing tickets and beer, to root for the two-legged athletes playing down there on the ground beneath him.

So far as I'm concerned, the final score remains: Squirrel, 1; Baseball, 0.

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