25 August 2007

A sweet news bite

At last, a squirrel adventure that doesn't involve mention of rabies, children and adults being attacked or power lines being bitten, casting metropolitan areas into darkness.

At last, squirrels can look cute again, for a little while.

The lastest news from Finland is that the squirrel who'd been entering a Helsinki supermarket on a regular basis for the sole purpose of stealing an egg-shaped European-made confection has been banned from the shop. Well duh. One would think this has less to do with the thief being a squirrel than with the thief simply being a thief. If the news had been that a truck driver was stopping in at the store and stealing these candies on a regular basis, the trucker would likely have been cast out from the supermarket too.

Banning the trucker would have been a sound business decision but no, it would not have made news.

But hey, this is a squirrel. A cute, furry being with a tail far bushier (and easier on the eyes) than one might find on your average trucker.

On the other hand, those of us who dispose of a large chunk of our very disposable income weekly purchasing walnuts, pecans, almonds and those pricey hazelnuts to keep the outdoor denizens content, outside our back door, find it no surprise - and hardly news at all - that a squirrel might actually have discriminating tastes. Discriminating enough to turn to a life of crime, breaking and entering at a supermarket and picking off only the highest quality brand-name confection.

Just ask the last visitor in our yard who repeatedly scoffed at English walnut halves and would not be appeased until $5-a-pound filberts were produced.

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