21 August 2007

Ratatosk, the messenger

Ratatosk is a minor celebrity in Norse mythology. A kind of rodent precursor to our modern e-mails and chatrooms, this tiny red squirrel is said to have carried messages (including the gossip of the day) from the top of a giant tree, back down to its sprawling roots.

The treetop recipient, according to Norse lore, was an eagle.
Down below, the story goes, was a dragon.

Today Ratatosk might employ a blog like this, skirting a modern day, electronic pathway, at speeds his Norse creators could never have envisioned.

Here you'll find no low-lying dragons or sky-scraping eagles - not even a giant, gnarled tree. There are just us sciurophiles writing, respectively, from the land of the native red squirrels on one side of the Pond and the land of the native grays (or greys, as our UK cousins like to note).

Across the Pond we scurry with word of squirrels making headlines in the news - or raising eyebrows locally - all the while advocating for a kinder demeanor toward all living creatures, and sharing in the natural whimsy and spirit these diminutive prey animals show in their daily lives.

This is a blog from us, to you.
Ratatosk, we hope, would take it as a compliment.


Squirrel Lady of Town Lake said...

Every squirrel is a messenger of love! thank you for your lovely blog post.

squirrelmama said...

Thank you so much. Ratatosk, a beautiful figure in literature and mythology, is the inspiration for this blog but truly, every squirrel carries an important message for us all, if only we will stop to hear it.

Chet Gottfried said...

My goodness but Ratatosk certainly gets around. She has certainly initiated your blog with style.

I wonder how many other squirrel mentions there are in mythology (or world literature, as it is).