29 April 2011

Squirrels in the Royal family tree

It’s not the tree, it’s the acorns. Any self-respecting squirrel knows that.

And so, with that, British uber-bride, Kate Middleton, endeared herself to the rodentia of the world by dangling silver acorns on either side of her head on her wedding day.

With those ears, William’s bride also won some squirrels’ hearts. She couldn’t have done it with the confection that was her white Sarah Burton dress – or with its voluminous 9-foot train. She couldn’t even have come close to wooing them with her sparkling Cartier tiara.

She had to hang two tree nuts from her lobes.

The earrings were inspired by the brand new Middleton family coat of arms, an insignia clad with three acorns – symbolizing Kate and her two siblings.
And somewhere in the trees not far from Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, the squirrels were perched on branches applauding. On nature's own receiving line, they were chittering, stamping their feet and flicking their tails – the squirrel equivalent, one would assume, of cheering.

But these squirrels weren’t throwing any rice. On this day, only the best of nature’s confetti would do: they got busy digging up – what else? – some acorns of their own.


Leema Thomas said...

the royals have gone nuts too -- about time:))

Anonymous said...

they are all nuts if they actually think charles can be king,,,,camilla camilla camilla..clueless

Anonymous said...

Of all the posts about the Royal nuptials that I have read, this was the most interesting. I like Kate already.

squirrelmama said...

Thanks LGS.....we love being able to appreciate royalty for all the right reasons!! Glad you agree.

Sven Harpseal Stravanger said...

Are squirrels also predators of the humble Herring?

squirrelmama said...

Thankfully, Sven, their tastes do not turn toward fish! LOL!!