04 November 2010

Squirrels can't get enough holidays

The Formby Times, a publication in the United Kingdom, released a rather a happy report on Nov. 3, with details about Squirrel Fun Day, hosted by the National Trust.

The occasion was actually part of a larger observance - Red Squirrel Week. In Great Britain, this might well be considered a particular kind of holy week, given that nation's love of its native reds.

When you're a squirrel, however, every day is a holiday. Or it ought to be.

And, in fact, the folks in Formby did engage in quasi-religious rituals, or at least pursued the activities with religious fervor. Celebrants engaged in a squirrel scavenger hunt (no competition here - squirrels can sniff out nuts like no one else) and also competed to see if they could jump as far as a squirrel (watch out for low-hanging branches!)

The squirrels are always the winners, paws-down.

Before it was all over, though, youngsters at the event constructed a huge squirrel nest, known as a drey, for the reds to inhabit or play in. In its own way, this was a sort of religious offering to these much-worshipped reds. You can't argue with that kind of offering. After all, lesser disciples have always tithed their nuts to the little treetop icons.

Prediction: With Squirrel Appreciation Day, in January, still more than a month away, the next big holiday on the calendar, no doubt, will be something called Squirrelmas! Only the beard is missing: Britain's beloved natives already have the requisite red suit.


Anonymous said...

A fun post. Hope you have been well. Your absence has been felt.

squirrelmama said...

Thank you, LGS, and thanks for checking in. Baby season was a little busier - no, a lot busier - than we expected. :-) Good to see you here.

Chet said...

I can see Squirrelmas right now: Eight flying squirrels pulling a sleigh filled with a choice variety of nuts (the eating kind) over the forests to fill squirrel nests (or dreys) with goodies.

squirrelmama said...

I love it! With everyone singing the children's classic, "Rocky the red-nosed flying squirrel...."

Philby said...

My friend went to Manhattan Park and so a Black squirrel there, I was astonished they had black squirrels as well as Red and Grey ones... What a wonderful thing to witness a new addition to the existing species in full view, it is a bit like when one gets a new pack of cards or gets something new of a collectible item, it feels fresh in ones eyes and favourable... I am almost jealous of my friend in some eager sort of way.... I geuss all I need to do is make sure I get to manhattan before they leave that area... Im sure they won't..haha.