12 May 2009

July 4th, in the middle of May

The red, white and blue of Independence Day is still a few weeks off. Any glance at the calendar will reaffirm the fact that firecracker aficionadoes are going to have to hang onto their incendiary devices for a little while longer.

But the grey and white of the "other" independence day is only a few days off. Four squirrels, overwintered in the outdoor pen since early autumn, are preparing for a new life of freedom in the woods. The rescuer of two of them - two little males - named all four when we paired them with an orphaned brother and sister, creating a family of 6- and 7-week-old juvenile squirrels last year. The rescuer dubbed them Carmine, Francis, Vito and Violetta. Good names, a bit operatic yes, but even as operatic names, they are true to the drama of this quartet's rescue and ultimate survival.

Weather permitting, that drama will play out later this week (or perhaps early next week) as the stage of their lives moves to a leafier, tree-filled and cageless venue.

There will be no firecrackers going off, just a quiet celebration in their hearts. And yes, mine too.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear of your success story with the little guys. Keep up the good work. Meanwhile, my sighting of mum-and-baby was the last in my window-sill-nest. It would appear that they have abandoned the little sanctuary. Durn. Dallas

squirrelmama said...

I was enjoying your updates on them, Dallas. Presumably no harm came to them and they just moved on, right? It could just be they relocated for another spot without any threats forcing the issue.

Anonymous said...

No sense that they were harmed or threatened - except perhaps by my face on the other side of a gauzy window. I think they just moved on. Will this nest possibly be refurbished and used again? Dallas

Deborah Godin said...

Hi - Poetikat sent me here after reading my squirrel post today (May 16th). It's an unusual squirrel in SW Ontario - would love to hear any ideas or info you many have, if you have a moment to stop by.

squirrelmama said...

Deb, I will be visiting your blog and will be happy to give whatever input I can. Thanks for stopping by!

squirrelmama said...

Dallas, Sometimes the nests are re-used by other squirrels; sometimes they are dismantled and used for bird nests....and sometimes they just fall apart. Nature is the ultimate (and the first) recycler! Hope your little family is doing well however!