21 April 2009

A dose of daily genocide

A recent Associated Press story that received prominent play in Washingon State newspapers recently reported that the city's parks officials are detonating a propane-fired device to collapse the burrows of ground squirrels on the grounds of the Finch Arboretum. Officials consider these animals problematic because of destruction they are supposedly causing.

OK, let's get a few things straight here: People who visit the Finch Arboretum are nature-lovers, and supposedly so too are the folks operating the arboretum. Presumably the government stewards are themselves are respecters of all things wondrous and beautiful in nature, caretakers of the natural world who are intent on creating a kind of earth-centered cathedral that pays homage to what graces our planet.

I think not.

Enter the nuclear warhead. Or rather, enter what must seem to be the Armageddon Machine to the small creatures living underground in their world beneath Spokane. Their world is being blown to bits and they are being suffocated.

Those of us who remember the Cold War recall the "duck and cover" drills that were supposed to give us an elusive sense of security when The Bomb hit and we can only shudder at this scene. In truth, whether you ducked and covered - or not - there was nowhere to hide.

And those of us who don't remember living with the threat of the bomb from those days can still relate to the notion of sudden annihilation by some powerful nation somewhere. Simply for the crime of being on the planet and having an agenda that didn't agree with someone else's agenda.

Shame on the people of Spokane for allowing this.
And shame on anyone who continues to visit the Finch in the name of appreciating nature. Anyone who pays for an admission ticket to this place has the blood of this tiny nation of squirrels on their hands.


Poetikat said...


Like you, I can't fathom that bird-lovers would necessarily be squirrel-haters. We are supposed to appreciate all nature and find a way to coexist. This is so sad and STUPID!


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Birders hate squirrels and will go to extremes to keep our furry little friends out of their bird feeders. Sad and stupid? Yes.

Totally Timmy said...

poor squirrels..I never knew they had such a bad following..

Lone Grey Squirrel said...


Anonymous said...

Horrific. But you can do something. Go up to the Spokane, Wash., Web site, find the parks and rec department, and there's an invitation to e-mail feedback. I sent one, signed with my name and city, pointing out that their actions are unacceptable, that there are humane ways to remove the squirrels and that I hoped they were happy with all the bad publicity this is generating. Dallas

squirrelmama said...

That is positively inspired, Dallas! I am going to do that right now. I encourage anyone else reading this blog, and these comments to please do the same as soon as you can.

chet said...

I suppose those folks or governmental groups wanting to kill the squirrels have a sanitized view of nature that isn't natural. It's as if they're decorating a house rather than having a true environment. Trees or grounds without squirrels (as well as other animals) are as barren as columns to a building.

Also, is there a simple url or link for posting messages to the Spokane site?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a link, but if you google Spokane, Washington, you get the city Web site, and parks & rec is a tag, I think. It's easy to find. There's a link to the Finch, but it doesn't have the feedback button of the main parks & rec page. Dallas