23 June 2008

Music I've squirreled away

Rumors aside, that tap I just felt on my shoulder a moment ago was not a squirrel politely asking for me to crack open another bag of pecans: It was Poetikat, fellow blogger and fellow animal lover, tagging me all the way from Canada, for a meme.

Her request: List seven songs that are making your summer bright, she urges me. No matter if they have words (or not), if they're not particularly good, and no matter if they are of a relatively strange genre. Post these instructions along with the names of the seven songs and then tag seven other bloggers to participate in this musical ritual. Argh, that is the tough nut to crack, as my rodent pals would say.

Anyway, here goes:

"Put Your Records On" - Corinne Bailey Rae
"The Riddle" - Five for Fighting
"Dance with my Father" - Luther Van Dross
"World" - Five for Fighting
"Take Good Care of My Baby" - Carole King/Bobby Vee (either version)
"Busy Being Fabulous" - The Eagles
"Living Free" - Enda Keegan (http://www.prairiedogday.org/)
Better Days - Dianne Reeves

OK I cheated and named 8 instead of 7. I promise to dig a hole and bury one and pray for a tree to grow out of it.
And hmmmm, now who to tag?


Poetikat said...

Good on you, Squirrelmama! I love the little Squirrel Rag - there's got to be a pun in there somewhere. Your music is so...singular. I do love the CBR. I like Five for Fighting too and C. King and the Eagles (don't know that song though - Hotel Cal is my fave, and Life in the Fast Lane)

Hey, here's an idea we just came up with today. (You're gonna love this):
We just got a new HD tv and a new satellite dish. Well, I was out in the backyard this a.m. and saw the old dish sitting by the garden shed and I thought, to myself, "What can I do with this? I don't want to throw it out, of course." So, when hubby came home we rigged it up as a nifty squirrel-peanut feeder. I will send you a photo tomorrow. It's kind of like the Star Trek Enterprise filled with nuts. (Wait, the Enterprise was...never mind.)

Just waiting for the squirrelies now - I think there must be a hawk, or a cat lurking, of late.


Marnina said...

Great work.