05 March 2008

Praise for the purple squirrel

Question: Why is this squirrel purple?

Answer (choose one):

1. Because he isn't ripe yet

2. Because his mother threw him in the laundry with all the purple T-shirts

3. Because he fell into a glass of merlot

4. Because he became a serial killer in a vineyard
5. Because Barney the Dinosaur sat on him.
Correct answer: None of the above (but nice try anyway)
A Purple Squirrel is a rare breed, a one-in-a-million job candidate - as I have learned from reading the blogs and web sites of several recruiters and employment specialists. Our company is downsizing and lots of folks are making every attempt to aspire to Purple Squirreldom.
A Purple Squirrel is the "PERFECT" candidate who fulfills all the qualifications that describe a job.
In short, a Purple Squirrel is a tough nut to crack. We should all try to become like the Purple Squirrel.


Damama T said...

Downsizing is soooo scary! I have a friend who is now 56, no degree, has worked for the same chemical plant for 35 years, and is being "downsized" sometime within the next few weeks. The job he does there will be hard to find elsewhere, so he's really worried now about what he's going to do. I'll definitely add your job search to my prayers right along with those for him.


OH - and thanks for the purple squirrel info. I've never heard that!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Interesting. Grey is a kin of dirty purple, isn't it?

squirrelmama said...

Thanks for your good wishes. My heart goes out to your friend, I fear it will be a tough road for him. The old "cradle to grave" school of employment is about as extinct as the Dinos, I think. But of course in the midst of all my research, I did discover the "purple squirrel" principle and learned a lot about how recruiters think and act - always a good thing!

my backyard said...

Good luck being that purple squirrel. I think being a squirrelmama should give you a leg up.