24 May 2009

Squirrels show their colors

It has been a weekend of red, white and blue throughout most of the U.S., as these three days focus Americans' hearts and minds on the celebration of Memorial Day (formerly known as Decoration Day), a time to honor those who've given service to our country.

In Brevard, North Carolina, however, the colors of celebration are strictly white, white and white: May 23 and May 24 mark the city's sixth annual White Squirrel Festival, a time for showcasing music talent, athletic accomplishment, and general all-around cleverness: White squirrel photo contests and white squirrel feeder-building contests are among the challenges offered against the backdrop of this popular music festival.

Brevard pledges allegiance to its white squirrels, and that love is clearly unflagging.

To celebrate squirrels at the same time the nation celebrates the bravery and the sacrifice of our military may seem a bit of a reach but, on second glance, it is actually quite proper: Memorial Day is a time for unity, for community and for good times - and for being glad we all share in the freedom of expression that spills over into our music and crafts and our everyday activities.

Clearly that thrives in the heart of Brevard and throughout all our hearts in the rest of our nation.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I think I would feel at home there.

Unknown said...

I love your blog being a squirrel fanatic myself. I don't have a yard to feed squirrels but my sister does. She has a metal box with a top that is hinged. She kept peanuts in it to spread on the ground for her squirrels. Well those clever things found out how to open it. She doesn't have to spread out the peanuts anymore. She just refills it when it's empty. They go in and serve themselves. It's so funny to watch them come and go, one peanut at a time. She has to be careful when refilling the container because a few times she has been surprised by a squirrel already in there just gorging himself on peanuts. sooo cute. Thanks for visiting my blog!

squirrelmama said...

Ralph, I think I had one or two of those hinged boxes myself, a long time ago. Before I really knew how clever squirrels could be, I actually thought I had to teach them how to use the thing - if you can believe that! Now I know better of course....the squirrels have taught me well!

ccna said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

squirrelmama said...

CCNA, thanks for becoming a part of the Squirrel Journal, I appreciate your presence here and your enthusiasm for the squirrels!