09 February 2009

Stumping in Washington for "Stumpy"

The elections are long over, as is the presidential inauguration, but there is still some unfinished business in one corner of Washington, D.C.: Stumpy the squirrel wants his peanuts. And he wants them NOW.

Stumpy - whose name was inspired by the remaining fragments of his tail - navigates a busy part of Northwest Washington, near the studios of Federal News Radio, where my friend Max works, covering the news. His latest headline report to me - which came accompanied by the photo posted here - was about Stumpy. This was indeed BIG NEWS: Amy, the executive editor at the radio station, had first spied Stumpy near a Dumpster and immediately took pity on his taillessness which she presumed was a flag of his fragility.

Her impression was tossed the next day when she saw Stumpy take on a dog (who was leashed, thank goodness), the squirrel defending his turf with chatters and whatever flicks he could muster from his diminished hind end.

She soon found he had captured her heart - and later, some peanuts she began to leave out for him on a regular basis. That was last autumn, just as the election was foremost on minds in that most political of U.S. cities - and elsewhere.

Stumpy is still in office, so to speak: He makes his rounds outside Amy's first floor office window and Max, ever the intrepid reporter, pressed his cell phone's camera into duty to capture the official portrait you see here.

He took no oath of office, of course - but probably chatters a few good ones, nonetheless, at the occasional passing dog.


Kat Mortensen said...

Squirrelmama, your poetic self is emerging from hiding. "Stumpy near a Dumpster" was classic.
What kind of dog was it? If it was a chihuahau, that would have been a fair fight - a rottie or Staffordshire would be something else again!


Anonymous said...

I hear in the bailout before Congress that Stumpy is to be limited to 500,000 nuts a year. Would that be enough to limit Stumpy's dog aggression, or would it be okay for Stumpy to have a bonus to help calm the nerves after a snowy winter?

Anonymous said...

Stumpy is a classic squirrel.

squirrelmama said...

Stumpy is a Washington insider, I think he may have a definite inside track on bailouts. He knows how to work the system.